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Dubai Residents Can Now Obtain Marriage Licenses Within 24 Hours

Dubai Residents Can Now Obtain Marriage Licenses Within 24 Hours

the requirements to get married in Abu Dhabi

Dubai residents, both nationals and expats, can now obtain marriage licenses quickly thanks to a new federal decree-law that went into effect on February 1. The law allows non-Muslim couples to get their civil wedding licenses in as little as 24 hours, as long as they have their documents in PDF format, duly attested, and their original IDs.

The Dubai Courts launched the “Civil Marriage for Non-Muslims” service to regulate family matters for non-Muslim foreigners, following certain requirements. The new Federal Personal Status Law covers marriage, divorce, inheritance, and financial claims and arrangements for joint custody of children. Legal experts have hailed it as a step in the right direction.

Requirements for Obtaining a Marriage License

To obtain a marriage license under the new law, both parties must be non-Muslims, at least 21 years old, and have proof of residence in Dubai, among other conditions. The original ID and electronic documents in PDF format, translated into Arabic by a legal translation approved by the UAE Ministry of Justice and duly attested, must be provided. The law covers non-Muslim nationals and expats residing in the UAE.

Dubai’s Popularity as a Wedding Destination

Dubai has become a popular destination for weddings in recent years, thanks to its picturesque locations, year-round sunshine, and wide range of cuisines and hotels. With this new law in place, it is expected that more couples will choose Dubai for their civil weddings. The quick and efficient process of obtaining a marriage license is likely to attract more non-Muslim couples who may have found the previous process too complicated or lengthy.

Implications of the New Law

The new law is expected to have a positive impact on the economy and tourism industry in Dubai. With more couples choosing to get married in Dubai, it is likely to boost the revenue for hotels, restaurants, and other wedding-related businesses.

In addition to this, the law is a significant step towards promoting cultural diversity and tolerance in the UAE. By providing a simple and straightforward process for non-Muslim couples to get married, the government is sending a message of inclusivity and openness to all communities.


The new federal decree-law that allows non-Muslim couples to obtain marriage licenses quickly is a welcome development in Dubai. The law is likely to attract more couples to the city, boost the economy, and promote cultural diversity and tolerance. Overall, it is a step in the right direction for the UAE as it continues to strive towards a more inclusive and open society.

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